Virtual Education

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Virtual Education


Virtual Group Class Options

Puppy Class 

  • 6 one-hour group classes
  • For pups 8 – 16 weeks of age.
  • Here you will learn about dog socialization, dog body language, body handling and cooperative care (comfortability around physical touch and introducing toothbrushes and clippers), and training skills like place, leave it, drop it, name response, and touch!
  • Want to learn more? Visit our in-person puppy page for more information! Puppy Class


Learn the Basics! 

  • 6 one-hour group classes
  • For dogs 17 weeks and up!
  • Here you will learn about dog body language and training skills like place, touch, let’s go, name and sound response, recall, down, down + stay.
  • Want to learn more? Visit our Fido’s Foundations Page for more information! Fido’s Foundations


Dog Socialization 101 

  • This course is held through our sister company, 4PawsIQ
  • We’ve taken the time to put our over 10 years of dog training experience into this course to give you exactly what you need to raise a loving, confident, adaptable and well mannered dog.

    Through careful thought and months of design, we’ve narrowed down this course into focusing on exactly what we know you’ll need in order to succeed.

    Here’s what’s inside:

    • Instant Access to Online Video Course
    • Nearly 2 Hours of Expert Guidance
    • 9 Modules of in Depth Training
    • Steady Trainer Check Ins for Results
    • Dozens of Training Tips & Ideas
    • 7 Weeks of Live Q&A Friday Sessions
    • And a Happy, Confident Dog!
    • Register Here!


Available Start Dates

March 1st (230-330pm PST) Puppy!

March 1st (4-5pm PST) Learn the Basics!

Dog Socialization (Any time!) You can register right here: Socialization101


Our goals for virtual education

I have worked privately over the past decade to help dogs and their humans enjoy life together! I specialize in prevention, fearful dogs, reactive dogs, and high anxiety dogs, it’s kinda my jam! Plus I have 2 rescue dogs at home who have both faced their own set of struggles.

I wanted to give dog parents a way to train with their new dog in positive, easy, force-free ways. Bonding, connection, and learning together are vital to enjoying life with your furry companion. We want to make sure that you can understand your dog in moments that are maybe frustrating. We all have those moments, whether big or small…frequently or rarely. I find understanding leads to more empathy and kindness which, in turn, creates a well-rounded relationship between you and your dog!

Additional information

Start Date

Puppy March 1st (230-330pm PST), Basics March 1st (4-5pm)