Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now


Does your dog eat everything off the ground on your walks? Would you like your dog to stay or follow when you asked them to?

These are all great everyday cues (commands) that come in handy and will help you enjoy life with your dog! With this program, you can walk down the street like a rockstar on a loose leash, have your dog’s focus, greet others like a champ, and stay/come even with distractions! Way to go you!

** This program includes 1 consultation, 7 (1-hour) sessions, and 1 year of follow-up support

** This program includes bonus lessons during your year of follow up support!

** You can also use this program to work with your dog’s reactivity or skills other than described above. Focus more on the features of each program than the description 🙂

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