Puppy Class

Small dog being picked up and hugged by dog trainer

Puppy Class


Puppy Class Details

6 One hour group classes

Puppies from 10-16 weeks at the start date can attend

Two handlers max per dog

5 puppies max per class

Hosted at Tisol in Langley, BC

* Please make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date 7 days prior to the start of class!

Available Start Dates for In-Person Class Dates

May 2nd  (530-630pm)

What Is Our Goal For Th

is Class? 

As an experienced private trainer specializing in addressing behavioral issues, I often find that the key to resolving these challenges lies in understanding your puppy’s socialization experience. In most cases, missteps during this critical period contribute to behavioral issues. My commitment is to foster the well-being of your canine companion in our environment.

Join our class, where we will expertly guide you through the socialization process, ensuring you set your puppy on the path to happiness and success. Our focus will be on proper puppy socialization, handling, interpreting dog body language, proactive behavioral management, and equipping you with essential skills to kickstart your pup’s journey to a well-balanced life.

Don’t live in our area? Unable to attend in-person during these times? Don’t worry! We also offer this class virtually, which you can register for by clicking here: Virtual Education

What you will learn during class:

How to properly socialize your puppy

Introducing nail clippers and brushes; as well as alternatives

Building comfortable body handling skills

Introducing new surfaces and textures

Building comfortability around food (resource guarding prevention)



Leave It

Touch/Recall “Come when called” 

What Will You Need?


6 – 10 foot leash

Treats and easy access treat pouch

POSITIVE energy for your pup

* No prong, choke, or shock collars are allowed in class

We like to keep our training fun so remember to bring your positive energy to class and be ready to laugh things off. Dogs are unpredictable and funny creatures so let’s learn and laugh together! 

Additional information

Start Date

May 2nd (530-630pm)