Long Term Relationship

Long Term Relationship


You’d have so much more fun with your dog if they’d listen when it really matters. Out in the park…on hikes…at outdoor restaurants. Do you envision them walking past that dog, person, bike, or skateboard WHILE focused on you? Wish they’d come running back to you with excitement even when other temptations are around? People commenting “Oh my, what a great dog!”  Distractions are a part of life. No more being embarrassed by your dog not listening out in public or when you have people over.

Have behavioral issues that you just can’t seem to tackle on your own? Feeling overwhelmed by all the information on google and YouTube? Let us help you decipher the good from the bad, what works and what doesn’t for you! We will work with you and your dog over the course of a year to help guide you through your training journey. With a step by step plan, in-person lessons, virtual check-ins, video lessons, and your own personal dog trainer right at your finger tips, we will help you and your dog get to where your going!

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