Canine Basics II

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Canine Basics II

Canine Basics 2 Class Details

  • 6 one-hour group classes
  • For dogs who are 6 months and up
  • For dogs who have taken Canine Basics 1 or have trained privately with us
  • Two handlers max per dog 
  • 5 dogs max per class
  • Hosted at Clayton Park in Surrey, BC
  • * Please make sure your dogs’ vaccinations are up to date prior to the start of class


Available Start Dates

March 22nd (4-5pm) FULL

What Will You Need?

  • Front Connection Harness
  • 6 foot leash, 15-30 foot lead (not a retractable leash)
  • Treats and easy access treat pouch
  • POSITIVE energy for your pup
  • * No prong, choke, or shock collars allowed in class


What Is Our Goal For This Class?

This class is perfect for dogs who have already begun their training journey with us but would like to advance their skills and have fun! This class will give you a great way to expand on those foundations to continue to set your dog up for success! In this class, you will learn how to train with your dog in a positive way and take their skills to another level!

This class is designed to improve your dogs’ skills while working around other dogs. A lot of dogs struggle to respond around distractions and this class will help you accomplish just that!! While there is no socialization time in this class, you will be working closely with some of the other dogs in class with long distance stays, side-by-side recalls, and even walking by another dog with focus on YOU!

  • Important Note: Group classes are NOT appropriate for dogs with reactivity. Reactivity can include: fear, aggression or over-excitement. While we love each and every pup, it becomes difficult for your trainer and the others in class when we are not able to focus as a group. If you are part of a class and your pup is experiencing reactivity, we will happily work with you to find time for private sessions that will better set you and your dog up for success.


Dog Training Skills That You Will Learn During Class:

  • Sit and Stay 
  • Down and Stay
  • Heel (only meant to be used in particular situations) 
  • Recall 
  • Walking by distractions 
  • Getting your dog to respond on cue (with no hand signals) and vice versa! 
  • ** All of these skills are worked on a longer lead (between 15 and 30 feet; your choice) and will include distraction training! 


We like to keep our training fun so remember to bring your positive energy to class and be ready to laugh things off. Dogs are unpredictable and funny creatures, let’s learn to laugh together! If there is time, we like to add in a few fun tricks to do with your dog too!

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Additional information

Start Date

March 22nd (4-5pm)