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At All Paws on Deck, we love to support our community in any way we can.


Because of this, we will be featuring a new local rescue every other month that you will be able to learn about and donate to if you so choose. Thousands of dogs and cats are taken in throughout the year in Canada and we hope to create some awareness about shelter/rescue animals.

These animals are not broken or failures, but someone has failed them and then they are the ones paying for it. So many of these dogs and cats have so much love to give if they could just find a family who would love them and help them to learn about a world they maybe have never seen before. It is so important when choosing a rescue animal to just imagine all they have been through and how that would affect you too. And we are humans with the ability to communicate to each other whereas these animals don’t know why or what is happening to them. It really helps to envision all they have been through and I feel it helps you understand and love your rescue animal better. If you are considering rescuing an animal, be sure to choose a rescue that is reliable and thorough…that asks the right questions.

We hope by featuring a local rescue every month, we can help you decide which rescue might be right for you or at least guide you in the right direction. If you are not able to adopt an animal from one of these rescues, please consider donating to them as they take care of so many animals throughout the year who need a lot of care, time, and most of all, love!

Founded in 2003, HugABull Advocacy & Rescue Society is a community committed to rescuing, advocacy and outreach for bull breed dogs. We advocate for responsible ownership of all breeds and for evidence-based, breed-neutral laws in our communities. We are based in the Lower Mainland but service the entire province of BC.


As we do not have a physical facility, all of the dogs that come into our program must first spend 30 days in a foster-home. After this period, they are available for adoption! We support our program dogs by providing all necessary veterinary care and medication, spay or neuter, training, food, toys and enrichment. We believe in setting our dogs up for success and so endeavour to match each dog’s unique personality and ideally matched forever home. We support our dogs for life, meaning that if for any reason the adoptive home is no longer able to care for them, they will always have a spot back in our program.