Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Langley

Stay Positive

Welcome to All Paws on Deck in Langley, where we employ science-based positive reinforcement training methods for your dog or puppy! Positive reinforcement is a humane and effective approach that utilizes rewards to facilitate your dog’s learning of new behaviors and helps them develop positive responses to stressful situations. Our training involves utilizing positive reinforcers such as food, toys, and affection to encourage desirable behaviors while redirecting undesired ones. We strictly avoid any form of punishment or aversive techniques. By consistently rewarding the behaviors we desire, we enhance the likelihood of their repetition! 

Our main goal is to cultivate a strong bond between you and your dog, promoting consistent positive behaviors while instilling confidence and ensuring your dog’s safety. We are committed to providing you with guidance and unwavering support through our various training programs. Our dedication matches your enthusiasm in supporting your cherished canine companion. We are working with dogs of all breeds and ages, with expertise in handling reactivity, anxiety, and nurturing dogs from puppyhood to adulthood. Through our training, we will establish proper behaviors that your dog will joyfully embrace time and time again. No longer will you feel embarrassed by your dog’s actions or uncertain about initiating your pup’s training on the right path. Together, let’s surpass expectations and achieve remarkable results in your dog or puppy’s training!

Private Dog Training Programs

Our programs are thoughtfully crafted for individuals who desire a more enriching life with their dog or new puppy, while also developing a deeper understanding of their canine companion. Have you ever crossed paths with someone and marveled at their well-behaved dog, feeling a tinge of envy? Asking yourself, How did they do that?! Let’s harness that vision as motivation to work diligently, have fun, bond, and gain confidence over your dog’s training! We firmly believe that you ARE capable of overcoming any challenge, and with our ongoing support, the journey becomes even smoother.

We take pride in providing ongoing support, ensuring that you never feel abandoned after completing your sessions. We have found that students who participate in our comprehensive program consistently achieve superior results compared to those who rely on sporadic one-on-one appointments. The crucial factor in attaining desired outcomes is maintaining consistency, as opposed to unpredictability. We have formulated these programs to provide you with the necessary structure and guidance to help you stay on track and continue to help you through your challenges. Regardless of whether you have a new puppy, a challenging adolescent, or a dog with behavioral issues, any of our programs can be tailored to suit your needs.

Let’s Have a Fling

Small dog being picked up and hugged by dog trainer

Does your dog exhibit good behavior overall, but you feel there are certain areas you’d like to refine or improve? Are you interested in testing your dog’s abilities or simply having fun together through training? Our mini training program is an ideal fit for you and your dog! We will collaborate with you closely over this period to kickstart your training goals.



4 Private Training Sessions


Meet our team

Want to Go Steady?

Are you embarking on the initial stages of training your dog and seeking more confidence in your abilities? Have you completed a puppy class but find yourself wondering what steps to take next? Perhaps your dog has entered adolescence, and you’re encountering behavioral challenges such as anxiety or reactivity. Rest assured, we are here to provide assistance! Our supportive dog training program is tailored precisely for individuals like you. Throughout the program, we will closely guide you and your dog, offering lessons and virtual check-ins to help you achieve your training goals.



7 Private Training Sessions

Customized Training Plan

Ongoing Support for 6 months

 Discounted Rates on our training walks



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Long Term Relationship

Whether you need guidance in raising your dog from puppyhood to adulthood or are currently dealing with behavioral challenges, this program is tailor-made for you. Our priority is to assist you in nurturing happy and confident dogs who thrive in their environment while feeling safe. We understand that searching for solutions on platforms like Google and YouTube can be overwhelming, leaving you uncertain about the best course of action. Allow us to utilize our expertise and help you differentiate between effective strategies and ineffective ones.

Our training plans are specifically designed to meet your unique needs and those of your dog. We focus on identifying the root causes of problems and customizing your dog’s training to seamlessly align with your lifestyle, ensuring you never miss a beat. This dog training program provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your dog and strengthens your bond even further. The remarkable results you’ll achieve in your relationship and training with your dog will be a testament to our collaborative efforts.



10 Private Sessions 

Customized Training Plan 

 Ongoing Support for 1 year 

Free Leash and Treat Pouch 

Discounted rates on our training walks!



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See what our students have to say!

I didn’t know I could do it but I did it…

My dog was anxious and high-energy from the beginning and I kept my dog too busy, overstimulated, excessively socialized and then he was attacked and he was just surviving in constant alert mode.

I spent months in my own sorrows feeling sad and upset my dog was reactive and overly anxious before I realized I needed help. I had to correct all my uneducated choices and spent many months working alongside @allpawsondeckbc.

Fast forward to now, Bruno and I both learned an immense amount of information together, I have the proper skills to train him, read him, respect his limits and make sure he feels less anxious and safe. To take time, adjust and read the situation but most of all, we’re more bonded, he trusts me and I understand him and the things he needs from me. I get him.

Moral of the story is sometimes raising a dog isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, and sometimes you have to change up your approach to get better results. It’s not just about training them to go to the bathroom, feed them and smother them…it’s about making sure they have respectful boundaries and know the limits for themselves, the people and the environments they are apart of and sometimes you have to let go of your own biases. POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR APPROACH WORKS.

Bruno used to be super nervous around other big anxious dogs and at times he still may be but he CAN and WILL be in their presence with my confidence, support, understanding and education. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts Michelle, we are forever grateful. ♥️🌟

<3 Laine and Bruno