Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Langley

Stay Positive

Here at All Paws on Deck in Langley, we use science-based positive reinforcement training methods with your dog. Positive reinforcement is a force-free dog training method that uses rewards to help your dog or puppy learn a new behavior or create a new emotional response to a stressful situation. We will be using positive reinforcers such as food, toys, and affection to help teach your dog good behaviors and simply ignore undesired behaviors. You won’t find any punishments or aversive techniques here. The more we reward our dogs for things we DO want, the more likely they are to repeat those behaviors!

We want to help you form a great bond with your dog so they will be more likely to repeat positive behaviors over and over again!  We are here to guide you and help you harness your inner cheerleader. In other words, we are here to cheer YOU on as much as you should be cheering on your dog(s)! Let’s get started and tackle those unwanted behaviors like jumping up, chewing, nipping, leash pulling…the list goes on and on, and form some proper behaviors that your dog will repeat happily again and again! No more being embarrassed by your dog or not knowing how to start your pup’s training on the right foot (or paw)! Let’s knock your dog or puppy’s training out of the park together!

Private Dog Training Programs

Our programs are perfect for families who want to enjoy life with their dog (or new puppy) more. I bet you have passed someone with their dog and thought, “Wow, I wish my dog would behave like that; I’m so jealous!”. Let’s use that vision to work hard, have fun, and get your dog’s training under control! We know you can tackle anything and having support makes it that much easier.

The main difference between the programs is how much time we spend together. The more time we have with you and your dog, the farther along your dog will be (reliably listening in more situations) in less time, and with less work for you. The other difference is how much long term support is included for your peace of mind. We have created these dog training programs to help you accomplish your training goals with your dog easier and faster. We have found that students in a training program see more results with their dog than those using one on one training to book sporadic appointments. Randomness will not get you the results you are looking for but consistency WILL! This is so important when it comes to dog training so that’s why we have developed these programs to keep you on track! Whether you have a new puppy, a rebellious teenager, or a dog with some behavioral issues, any of these programs can work for you!

Walk This Way

Want your dog to have more focus on you during their walks or at home? Does your dog pull you down the street? Yes? Great! Well, not great, but take a second to picture this: You are walking down the street and see a dog who checks in with their owner, responds to their name, and walks nicely on a loose leash. It looks like they are really enjoying their walk together! Now look closer. That person is YOU! If this sounds more like a dream to you than a reality, then this program is just for you!


** This program includes 1 consultation and 4 (1 hour) sessions

** Option to add additional support to this program available!

** You can also use this program to work with your dog’s reactivity or skills other than described above. Focus more on the features of each program than the description 🙂

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?

Does your dog eat everything off the ground on your walks? Would you like your dog to stay or follow when you asked them to?

These are all great everyday cues (commands) that come in handy and will help you enjoy life with your dog! With this program, you can walk down the street like a rockstar on a loose leash, have your dog’s focus, greet others like a champ, and stay/come even with distractions! Way to go you!


** This program includes 1 consultation, 7 (1-hour) sessions, and 1 year of follow-up support

** This program includes bonus lessons during your year of follow up support!

** You can also use this program to work with your dog’s reactivity or skills other than described above. Focus more on the features of each program than the description 🙂

Maisel meeting our team

Dog On The Run (Or Not)

You’d have so much more fun with your dog if they’d listen when it really matters; out in the park, on hikes, at outdoor restaurants. Do you envision them walking past another dog, person, bike, or skateboard WHILE focused on you? Wish they’d come running back to you with excitement even when other temptations are around or people commenting “Oh my, what a great dog!”

You’re in the right place for making your training dreams come true then! Distractions are a part of life. No more being embarrassed by your dog not listening out in public or when you have people over.

Busy schedule? Turn some of these lessons into just us 1-on-1 with your dog! We’ll polish them up while you’re handling dinner and kids. And with 3 years of follow up support, you never have to worry about your dog’s training slipping over time.


** This program includes 1 consultation, 10 (1 hour) sessions, and 3 years of follow up support

** This program includes bonus lessons during your three years of follow up support!

** You can also use this program to work with your dog’s reactivity or skills other than described above. Focus more on the features of each program than the description 🙂  


Maisel meeting our team

Reverse Board and Train

Yes, this may sound a bit unconventional but I actually get asked a lot if I can just stay with my students for a week or two! So, I decided to integrate this service. I will be there with you for 8 hours daily for a week or two weeks Monday to Friday!. If you want to do two weeks, you can choose to break them up or have them back to back (subject to availability).

I will be there to help you manage your day-to-day life with your dog or puppy which is great for learning how to properly interact or troubleshoot everyday things that you are going through. This way, you are also learning, as opposed to sending your dog off and not really knowing what is going on throughout the day. During my daily 8-hour “shift”, I will also be there to answer any questions you may have and we will have one official training session per day while I am boarding with you .

** Payment plans available

** Additional Support add-ons available