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CAUTION: Working with us may cause an extreme boost in confidence when working with your dog.

Harnessing your inner cheerleader is a must!

Mini Trainers Puppy Class

Want to learn how to get your puppy to listen better?! Then this class is for you!

This class is designed to give Langley, BC Dog Owners an overall picture of how to set your pup up for success. We will teach you the necessary skills you need to raise a pup who listens and is well balanced!

Positive Reinforcement

Looking for a Certified Dog Trainer? Then you’ve come to the right place!  When you sign up for positive reinforcement training with our Langley area dog training experts, you’ll get a confidence boost and a well-behaved, loyal dog.

Puppy Socialization

Puppy socialization takes place not only between your puppy and other dogs, but with other humans and in different environments. All Paws on Deck will take your puppy on walks with other puppies at parks around the Langley and Walnut Grove area, while also having the chance to interact with humans at a young age. Sign up for a session today!


Struggling to have your dog Come to you on cue or need to gain some leash walking skills? We are here for you Langley, BC! In just ONE HOUR, you will receive the foundations and confidence you need to revolutionize your dog’s recall or leash walking skills! Sign up for your first workshop today!

Dog Training Langley

Harness your inner cheerleader with your dog or puppy!

We offer positive reinforcement dog training in Langley, BC. Our mission at All Paws on Deck is to support you along your dog or puppy training journey and build confidence with your dog. Whether you’re looking to address behavioral issues, do some obedience training, raise a well-balanced dog, or just have fun training with your dog and learning new skills, we are here to help you and cheer you on!! If you are looking for a local dog trainer who will support you throughout the entire process, guide you in the right direction, cheer you on, and always have your dog’s safety and well-being at heart, then you are in the right place! Still not sure? Schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation here!   

One-on-One Training Options

Walk This Way

  • Consultation + 4 sessions
  • Includes basics such as focus, walking on a loose leash, and calm greetings
  • Free Graduation Gift 

** Program can be used for skills outside of the guideline or for behavioral issues.


Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

  • Consultation + 7 training sessions
  • 1 year of follow up support 
  • Bonus Lessons
  • Cues such as sit, stay, drop it, leave it, come when called, leash walking, and more!
  • Free Graduation Gift

**Program can be used for skills outside of the guideline or for behavioral issues


Dog On the Run (or Not)

  • Consultation + 10 training sessions
  • 3 years of follow up support 
  • Bonus Lessons
  • Includes cues like sit, stay, drop it, leave it, come when called, leash walking, and more on a more advanced level 
  • Longer distances, longer durations, more distractions! 
  • Free Graduation Gift

** Program can be used for skills outside of the guideline or for behavioral issues



Marilyn and Fred

Marilyn and Fred

From Marilyn and Fred

We looked for a great trainer who focused on positive training techniques and we found All Paws on Deck and the incredibly knowledgeable Michelle. Michelle joined us in our backyard with our newly rescued one year old terrier Luna in private one hour lessons once a week for four weeks  Luna adores her! Most importantly, Michelle guided my husband and I and gave us some valuable help and information! She is terrific!  Michelle was so calm and reassuring as she showed us the basics of Come, Sit, Stay, Drop it and Leave it. She gave us a chance to practice with Luna while she watched us in action, offering gentle and helpful recommendations. Michelle continues to keep in touch via email to check on our progress. This is incredibly helpful knowing we have support as we work with Luna. We highly recommend All Paws on Deck Training! It’s a wonderful way to welcome your newest member into the family.



From Diana

Michelle is an amazing trainer – My dog bonded with her so well.  She is very kind and provided a lot of good insight as to how to manage my puppy’s needs.  I would highly recommend her to help you get your puppy where he/she needs to be



From Marissa

As the owner of a dog walking company if clients inquire about training we always refer them to Michelle at All Paws on Deck. Michelle is passionate, committed and extremely qualified at what she does. Many people can claim to be dog trainers these days but have little to no qualifications. This is not the case with Michelle as she has gone through training in both Canada and the US through reputable programs and is always furthering her education. She is not only great at working with the dogs but is fantastic at equipping the owners to feel confident they can work on things with their pup between training sessions. If you are looking for a trainer who goes above and beyond for her clients look no further!



From Derek

We had a wonderful experience with Michelle and All Paws on Deck Training! We are first-time puppy owners and we knew it was important to get started on the right foot but were overwhelmed and uncertain how best to do it. To the rescue came Michelle who was amazing and helped us along every step of the way!

She truly went above and beyond in her training and all extra help and advice she gave us along the way. The training sessions themselves were fantastic and highly enjoyable, and we saw incredible progress each week in our puppy. We know we are still just beginning the journey of having a dog but with Michelle’s help we now feel like we have the tools and knowledge to shape our puppy into the best dog that we can.

We are so glad that we went with All Paws on Deck Training and would highly recommend them! If you are looking for dog training, look no further!

Alissa and Charlie

Alissa and Charlie

From Alissa and her dog, Charlie

I was so frustrated before meeting Michelle. I had an amazing puppy that had so much love to give but she was anxious when I left the house. We were at the point that she was chewing the drywall and put a big hole by the front door. With Michelle’s care and patience, we were able to redirect my pup’s excitability into more appropriate ways.

My goldendoodle was no longer a 60 lbs bulldozer knocking you over with hugs and kisses. And even after our sessions with Michelle ended, she still was always readily available to be there when we needed her, whether it be a phone call or home visit. Michelle goes above and beyond for her clients and you can tell that she truly loves what she does.



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Michelle is the most caring and loving dog trainer. I would recommend her over and over again! She was soft spoken, attentive and so patient. If you’re looking for a trainer don’t hesitate to use her, you won’t regret it!



I absolutely loved having Michelle help me with Orzo. She was so good at reading his quirky personality, his eagerness to play and please, and giving me the best tips on how to manage his excitement for life. I wanted a trainer that would help me calm my own emotions when dealing with Orzo’s overzealous response to life. She gave me the tools to succeed. Knowing what my escape plan is, and helping him stay calm in new situations. It’s made the last 7 months with my rescue so much calmer. I credit Michelle for a lot of that.



My Aussie was nervous around other dogs and going into (pet friendly) stores. With the help of the All Paws On Deck crew, he now greets dogs with excitement and has started walking into stores with confidence! They have been helpful with not only my dog, but in building my confidence as his leader. I can’t thank them enough for their help with me and my pup ❤️

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